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Choosing the right e-commerce platform

It wasn’t long ago that I was a member of the majority. The full-time employed majority who worked an average 9-5 with a brutal commute that deducted 2-3 hours from the precious 24 we’re given every day. Then, just like that, I found myself at a crossroads where I had the chance to either continue on that same path or take a leap of faith and start my own business. So here we are.

It wasn’t a difficult choice to start my business on Shopify. I had spent many hours at the previously noted 9-5 jobs managing e-commerce businesses in varying industries and Shopify was hands down the easiest and most user-friendly platform to get acquainted with quickly and efficiently. Not to mention their customer service is top-notch and if you need an expert, they’ll help you match with someone that can help you reduce the guess-work and confusion you may experience at first if it’s your first time out with a digital platform.

Here at Caffeinated Media Solutions, as a Shopify Partner, we can even work with you on the behind the scenes work before you launch and show you the ropes so you’re not spending any of your budget unnecessarily.

The cherry on top of all of this is that you can try it all out with a free 14-day trial before you are charged a dime.

Whether you have your own products ready to load for sales or you’d like to try out drop shipping, Shopify makes it very easy and very economical to try your first online store! In fact, the monthly fee is as little as $29.99. Factor in the domain purchase for an average of $14 (depending on the popularity of the name you’re after) and you’ve got yourself a startup for less than $50!

Once you’re ready and the store looks spectacular, you’ll be ready to advertise and be on your way to making sales!

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