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Hi! I'm Mariam Demian, founder of Caffeinated Media Solutions. I started this business in 2014 but as in life, it ebbed and flowed with the times and is now being managed and operated by me 100% of the time. 

I've been in marketing for over ten years and came into it by happenstance, but love what I do because it's a means of communicating with people, and I love nothing more than relaying a message in an effective  (and humorous) way to the intended audience!

So where's the 'team'? They're on call - ALWAYS local. I have some phenomenal people to turn to when there is a need such as videography, but more often than not I'm fully committed to my clients with attention and detail to their business; Every client gets my undivided attention. 

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A day in the life

Once the coffee DOES kick in this is what I'm usually working on: 

  • Perfecting my Shopify Partner status

  • Getting more efficient as a digital media content creator

  • Improving small business website design cost for clients where possible

  • Offering Shopify expert help