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Spilling the Beans: Where To Begin Your Marketing

I'm excited to share with you all that I've started a series titled Spilling the Beans with Caffeinated Media Solutions! What does that mean and why should you care?

For starters, it means I'm developing content that will include the 'puzzle pieces' of marketing your business! Even if you've already started and you think 'I don't need this'...I assure you that you do because we all have to stop and reassess the plan to optimize! There's always room for growth. But if you don't want growth and free information that's ok too ;)

I'll be sharing on IGTV, my Instagram stories, posts, Facebook and right here. Is that excessive? NOPE! That is the strategy! The secret is, even if we know 'WHERE' our audience is generally, it doesn't mean they're there and only 'there' ALL the time. Sometimes I myself will open and email from someone I follow rather than have time to watch their stories or look through their posts - but I'm subscribed to all of their channels. Not to mention there's more room in an email - though it shouldn't drone on so I'm going to now get to the point!

In the first video of my IGTV series, 'Spilling the Beans’ I focused on building a foundation with the 5 W's of marketing.

Here’s the summary:

Before you start spending precious marketing dollars on people or on ads, set your foundation up with the 5 W’s that will make life easier & results a lot more positive!

WHO is your it’s not ‘everyone.’ I cringe when I hear someone say 'well, everyone is my audience because my (place product here) is for everyone. The sad news is - nothing is for everyone. Not even socks - theoretically yes, but I'll bet you have specific socks for occasions. You've got your gym socks, winter socks, ankle socks etc etc...get the idea? If you sell all the types then a good suggestion would be to set up segments and multiple audiences so it's clear 'who' you're speaking to at any given time.

WHAT is your message? Is it speaking their language and answering their questions? I hate to continue on with this sock thing but here we are. For example, does your social media/website/shop let me know if the type that I'm looking for is available reasonably quickly or am I confused by what you're actually selling?

WHEN are you communicating? Just look at your insights! There is a peak time that people are most engaged with you. Whether it's opening emails or commenting on social posts, you want to be reaching them at the optimal time so you're not wasting your awesome post!

WHERE are they spending the most amount of time? You'll know by engagement and reach which channel and platform your base is on. No need to open accounts everywhere! Creating content and scheduling for all of them is so time-consuming, and if you have one that looks 'abandoned' it won't bode well for your image - so stick to where will work best for you!

WHY have you ‘chosen’ them? Your offering & your audience have to have relevance to each other. This goes for using hashtags too. I don't generally use #foodie related hashtags for a business-related post. Just as the only recipes I'd ever include in my communications would be coffee related...but I have none, I drink mine black HAHA.

Hope this was informative for you. Stay tuned for more insight into the world of marketing because I'm going to be sharing a A LOT of free info that normally you'd have to pay a hefty sum for!

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