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My business partner and I have worked with Mariam and Caffeinated Media Solutions over the past few weeks and it has been a really brilliant experience. It was a process where the communication was punctual and easy, build time was fast and reliable and Mariam brought truly thoughtful insights to the table and held our hand throughout the process.  We cannot say enough good things about the process and about Mariam. 


In that time she has helped us completely rebrand and relaunch our website. Our first website was barely functional, (let alone finessed or good to look at) and she took on the task of rebuilding and re-branding our site and making it functional, beautiful and effective. Since the relaunch, we are getting great feedback from our visitors about the ease of functionality and the look of our site. We could not be happier!


More importantly, Mariam with her course in "How to Shopify", has given us the skill set to be able to take what she built and build on it ourselves!  We now have the ability to navigate through adding features, creating new products, altering text, repricing and improving what we offer to our members and customers and we know our way around our site! This has saved us an incredible amount of money and time as we can now confidently go into the site and quickly add or change up whatever we need. Her course is a must do if you have a Shopify site and want the fastest and most cost effective way to improve it.


As a new business responding to growth and having to pivot as things change, this has been invaluable. We now simply improve our site instantly without the back and forth of hiring a web developer or incurring the significant costs that involves. Her course has been a game changer for us.  


We highly recommend taking her tutorials and Using Caffeinated Media Solutions for your Shopify and website needs. This was easily one of the best decisions we have made in our business journey.  

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