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The Downside of DIY'ing Your Business

As a self-professed do-it-yourself, 'DIY'er' of life, I completely understand the draw to want to apply those principles when it comes to starting an online business, or any business in fact.

After all, how often do we hear the success stories from the likes of Jeff Bezos who started Amazon from a tiny office on what is now an ancient computer using a dial-up internet connection! We tell ourselves that if Jeff could do it, who's now a gazillionaire, then we can too!

Not to mention that there are so many resources available to us now, that weren't available to Jeff Bezos, or Phil Knight or Steve Jobs...all true.

However, in the same manner, that "with great power comes great responsibility" there is also "option/analysis paralysis with too wide a range of choices."

With a DIY mindset, we're wanting to save money and figure things out on our own. But then anxiety enters along with the weight of the multiple learning curves of technology that we have never had to use before. There are subscriptions, scheduling, content creation, tutorials, and oh yeah, selling your actual product.

When I started my business I was quite averse to subscribing to software services that I believed I could find hacks for and save every penny where I could. This led me to great frustrations and a feeling of futility. It was taking too long to figure out how I would make money and I decided to veer towards the route of stability and a regular paycheque.

After a few years of working full-time with my business whispering in the background 'what about me?' I decided to take the plunge and invest in my business by sourcing people and resources that would help me help myself. I'm no longer in full 'DIY' mode, but I achieve goals not just a little faster, but on more solid ground!!

“It takes two flints to make a fire.”

Louisa May Alcott

Many clients have come to me mid-project asking for help to fix what they've started and complete it for them. While I commend them for reaching out, it actually could take longer and cost you more than having it started by someone from the beginning.

If you're a DIY maverick starting your business, don't be afraid to set yourself up with people and services that will help support your growth while you focus on your product and customer service!

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