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Marketing In Times Of A Global Crisis

What if you could create certainty for yourself in times of uncertainty? I'll be honest, a major part of why my business exists and is still running during these times is because of the times in my life when I was most uncertain. It was after a lay off many years ago that Caffeinated Media Solutions was born. Today, while of course, I'm still building it, because I'm online, there is still work to be done! ⁠

So I ask you now, do you have an online business idea that maybe you started and have put off because of this pandemic? OR, just as you were getting it all together you were faced with words like 'isolation', 'quarantine' and 'flatten the curve'? ⁠

Don't let it stop you! This is the PRIME time to get your business online. Start selling using fantastic e-commerce platforms and set up that marketing plan!

And if you have questions or are still uncertain, let's have a virtual coffee! Visit my website for contact info and solutions on how to get online!

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