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Achieve your 2021 Sales Goals With Shopify

Starting an e-commerce business on Shopify can be ⁠slightly overwhelming, fun and stressful all at once! Here are a few tips on how to simplify the process before you begin.

1. Free theme vs Paid theme what do you do!? ⁠

Shopify has enough free themes available that are all customizable so you can still look different and show off your fabulous brand that you shouldn't feel lesser for not buying a theme. My suggestion is just to work hard at customizing it because while it is an 'out of the box' template, a lot of people aren't making enough changes to really stand apart. ⁠

Paid themes average about $160USD +tx. The possibilities here become endless, especially if you have the patience for or already know a little bit of coding lingo tho not necessary. Paid themes have more capabilities and options for customization. So if you have a lot of products, content, or are very niche market, I'd recommend pulling the plug on a paid theme. ⁠

⁠2. Added necessities: APPS!⁠

Shopify offers users a multitude of options and no two users are the same! But in order to offer so many options and customizations based on everyone's specific needs, sometimes you will need to subscribe to an app to enhance either the design, the user experience or both. ⁠

For example, my client would like to offer a free choice of samples with every purchase of X product. ... there's an app for that. ⁠

Every time you want to add a unique feature, you may have to find an application that will guide you. ⁠

Apps sometimes come free trials and subscriptions range from $6.00 to $30.00 and up. ⁠


3. Domain

Have you purchased your domain yet? A lot of times people buy their domains from random less popular websites because it appears cheaper. Trust me, down the line this may prove more complicated when you're transferring the domain for example. ⁠

You can buy your domain (URL) straight from Shopify before you subscribe to the monthly plan and that will definitely make your life easier! ⁠

Another popular host is Godaddy with which the transfer is automatic and seamlessly migrates to Shopify. ⁠

4. Make the Shopify Community your BFF⁠

What do I mean by that? ⁠

There are countless people that have had the same questions as you and the answers are all in the Shopify forums! So if you're stuck, I HIGHLY recommend turning to your new BFF for answers before contacting support. You could also DM me your questions and I will be happy to help if I can! ⁠

**Bonus**If you purchase a theme, the best answers to your questions will come from the developer sites themselves. ⁠

Hiring a Shopify Expert is always an option but they can be quite costly, so I suggest exhausting your free / lower-cost resources first.⁠

You'll learn a TON while setting up the store and troubleshooting! It can get frustrating but it can also be fun!⁠

Of course, if you don't have time, energy and patience for all of the above, as a Shopify Partner I'd be happy to help you get set up and ready to make sales in 6 weeks or less! Simply contact me with your details to start a dialogue, obligation-free!

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